We are all aware that as Age catches us our physical and mental capabilities starts to change and it is no surprise especially for those who stay away from their loved ones. Hence much of the work with this regard falls upon the Carers who are involved in their care. Some of such services include:

Much of the work carried out by our CAREGivers involves elderly services such as:

  • Collection of prescriptions
  • Provision of light housekeeping including dusting & vacuuming
  • Help with washing and ironing
  • Making of beds and changing bed linen
  • Organising of wardrobes and cupboards
  • Meal preparation and tidy away
  • Checking food expiry dates
  • Supervision of home maintenance
  • Overseeing home deliveries
  • Assistance with pet care
  • Preparation of shopping lists
  • Help with general shopping
  • Drop off and collection of dry cleaning

Personal centred care is very important while focusing and promoting on their independence and upholding their dignity while assisting them in their day today activities of life.